"We received our first shipment in November 2012 & are very happy with the quality & performance of GOULD's Piston Rings. Repeat orders have already been placed & we hope the company can keep up the standards."

Mr. Marcelo, Sao Paulo. January 2013

"We are GOULD customers for the last 20 years & are most impressed with their loyalty. Even when at some occasions the targets were not met, they have not shifted their business to others."

Mr. Mahmoud, Cairo. January 2013

"We are your customers for 5 years. Till now we have received 6 shipments from you & in each shipment GOULD has offered something new, be it Packaging, Promotional items, Quality Reports, Delivery time."

Mr. Ranisz, Kalisz. January 2013

"GOULD Piston Rings are good quality but their Pistons are high priced. We look forward to extend our business to other products after working for 3 years together."

Mr. Ozgur, Istanbul. January 2013

"We started working together in 2007 & started only with Piston Rings from GOULD. Lot of companies claim that there quality is high, but GOULD Rings are genuinely OEM quality. We have even started to work with them for Liners & Pistons & have just received the first shipment of the same."

Mr. Okeke, Lagos. January 2013

"Our business with GOULD is just three shipments old & in this short time we have seen the difference in their dealings from our old supplier especially in terms of delivery time. What was really impressive was that whatever time they promised, they delivered within that time (actually 1 week before)."

Mr. Ricardo, Mexico City. January 2013

"We are GOULD customers since 2009 & the best thing about the company is their quality & packing. They keep reinventing themselves in every shipment. What about the springs for Kamaz Piston Rings?"

Mr. Alex Kondov, Moscow. January 2013

"We have not found a better After-market supplier for Piston Rings than GOULD, especially for Leyland Engines. In our 6 years of association, we have seen their fairness in doing business as their strength."

Mr. Musa, Durban. January 2013
South Africa

GUARANTEE STATEMENT The piston rings included in this Catalogue are especially suited for GPR pistons. However, GPR ring sets can also be used for mostcompetitors' products though in this case it is essential to check their compatibility prior to installation. The information provided in this Catalogue has been carefully compiled but we undertake no guarantee of accuracy and any claims fordamages based on this information. In particular, changes in the equipment by the manufacturers of vehicles or engines and changes in the part designation are possible.

Any references to errors in the Catalogue which you may advise are welcome and will lead to corrections in future issues. Names, descriptions, numbers of vehicles or manufacturers etc. are only stated for reference. The parts listed in this Catalogue are replacement parts in GPR quality, but not original equipment. All figures, schematic drawings and other data serve for explanatory and for illustration purposes only. Any reprint, imitation and reproduction, even as excerpts, shall be subject to our prior approval in writing with exact indication of the source. The publication of this Catalogue renders all former issues obsolete.

A distinguishing feature of GPR products is their high level of precision, achieved by the application of most modern manufacturing methods. Our quality assurance-in line with ISO 9001:2000-is carried out continuously; both during the manufacturing process and at the final inspection. We guarantee* explicitly assured properties and freedom from defects in accordance with the original equipment. If, however, a material or manufacturing defect should occur, in spite of the rigorous & standardized inspection carried our during the production process & before dispatch, we will replace the defective product.

These quarantee conditions are invalidated if:

  • a. The item supplied is modified by another party.
  • b. Components are assembled from different sources.
  • c. The applicable handling and assembly specifications are not complied with. The guarantee excludes normal wear & damage caused by improper treatment.